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Weighing Scales Services

Scale Support Services

Service is at the heart of Abacus Scales & Systems. We pride ourselves in consistently providing the best service, support, and calibration. Our service technicians are fully-trained and dedicated to helping you keep your scales and balances
operating accurately.

ISO Certified Scale Calibration Service

Abacus is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited organization, we provide you the calibration services and records required to keep you in compliance with your own quality guidelines.

Scale Calibration Certification

We provide weighing equipment accredited calibration services as well as verification and tolerance checks of weighing equipment. We make sure your weighing scales and systems are accurate and compliant.

Our Certificate Retrieval System (CRS) provides you easy access to your calibration certificates.

Retrieve Calibration Certificate

Preventative Maintenance for Weighing Systems

We work with you to meet your industry’s weighing scale regulatory calibration standards as well as your internal weighing scale calibration control measurements. Whether you are looking for a long-term scale calibration contract or calibration appointments at a moment’s notice, we diligently work to keep your weighing equipment calibrated and efficient with meticulous testing and calibration procedures.

Weighing Scale Rental

For emergencies and in house inventories, we have rental scales on hand to keep your company up and running, so downtime is kept to a minimum. We also can help with temporary increases in production with scale rentals to ramp up your operation.

Weighing Scale Repair

Abacus is committed to providing top service and repair to all of the weighing scales and systems that we sell. Additionally, we can also take on additional weighing scale and system repair projects. Whether you inherited a scale or need to get an older scale model up and running, we’ve got you covered?

Weighing Scale System Integration

To help reduce inefficiencies in your operation, we offer scales that transmit data to communicate with your company’s other systems, like ERP, SAP, Label Printing, and POS systems. We ensure that the data output from our scale systems is accurate and communication is active.

We sell only the highest quality weighing equipment and we are committed to service and support… Whether you require emergency scale service, regularly scheduled scale maintenance, or weighing scale calibration service, we want to be there for your company.

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