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Intercomp TL8000 Tension link

For applications where viewing a display at the link is not feasible or protection from extreme elements is a must, the TL8000 Tension Link scale is designed  with all of the functionality of the TL8500 but without the self-contained display at the link.  TL8000 is packaged to include the TL-RFX  Indicator to view and control the scale at safe distances.

Model Capacity X Resolution
150200-RFX 500lb X.5lb Add To Quote
150201-RFX 1000lb X 1lb Add To Quote
150202-RFX 2000lb X 2lb Add To Quote
150203-RFX 5000lb X 5lb Add To Quote
150204-RFX 10,000lb X 10lb Add To Quote
150205-RFX 25,000lb X 20lb Add To Quote
150206-RFX 50,000lb X 50lb Add To Quote
150207-RFX 100,000lb X 100lb Add To Quote
150208-RFX 160,000lb X 200lb Add To Quote
150209-RFX 220,000lb X 200lb Add To Quote
150210-RFX 350,000lb X 500lb Add To Quote
150211-RFX 400,000lb X 500lb Add To Quote
150212-RFX 500,000lb X 500lb Add To Quote


  • Capacities Ranging from 500lb (250kg) to 500,000lb (250,000kg)
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Construction
  • Commercially Available 9-Volt Batteries Last up to 400 Hours of Continued Use
  • Handheld RFX Remote Included


Type Title Size  
Intercomp_TL8k Series Brochure SR 1 MB Download

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